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French Polished Rail and Staircase
Lacquered Door Sevenoaks
Ebonised / Ebonized bar top sevenoaks
French Polished Mahoganey Table Sevenoaks

What we do?

  • We French Polish hard wood to a first class finish.

  • Modern lacquering, including bar tops and kitchen surfaces.

  • Satin, mat and full shine finishes.

  • Chip and scratch removal.

  • Ebonizing - ebonising.

  • Removal of stains, wood bleaching.

  • Matching Colours.

  • Staining, over-staining and over-polishing.

  • Waxing techniques.

  • Liming.

  • Full Strip and re-polish.

  • Oiling to floors and other surfaces.

  • Various Jappaning and gilt techniques.

  • Polyestering and polyester repair. Spray finishes.

  • Commercial works, Ships and planes, airports, private and stately homes.

  • Full Veneering and repairing veneers.

What we work on?

  • Antique furniture restoring and re-finishing.

  • Floor re-finishing.  Chip and scratch as well as full sand.

  • Doors and frames as panelling.

  • Bar top work.

  • Kitchen counters and cupboards.

  • Piano restoring.

  • Polyester repair.

  • All hard wood polishing.

  • Stair treads, Stair cases, Rails.

  • Inset carvings and sideboards, chairs and tables lacquered or polished.

  • Car wood trim repair, veneer, spraying and polishing.

Areas we work in?

  • Our work is workshop based and we can come out to site in the following areas in Kent, and Surrey.

  • Sevenoaks, Seal, Kemsing, Wrotham, Borough Green, Meopham.

  • Riverhead, Sundridge, Toys Hill, Edenbridge,  Cobham, Godstone.

  • Westerham, Chartwell, Oxted, East Grinstead, Gatwick.

Other services Referral

  • Cabinet and furniture structural repair.

  • Piano Tuning Services. 

  • Upholstery Services.

Welcome to French Polishers Sevenoaks.


As a professional wood finishing company we undertake French Polishing and lacquering for both private and commercial clients.

What is French Polishing and hard wood finishing?

  • Traditional French polishing is an application of shellac on to hard wood.  It requires great skill to be able to finish a surface with this technique. Modern lacquering also comes under the remit of French Polishers.

Tel No: 01892 555555

Mobile: 07947 202999 / 07446 132819


Door Polishing

Furniture, Tables, Chairs. etc.,


Joe repaired our beautiful Rosewood opium table after our dogs had left their claw marks on it, also removing the water stains from a previous spillage. Quotation and final price were the same. Good service and excellent craftsmanship. Would not hesitate to recommend or use again.

Martin King


Atwood Restoration came to repair my Teak cupboard consisting of a frames, panels and doors. Some of the doors and frame had developed mould. They removed and treated it then stained in the bare section. The y then oiled the whole lot with Teak oil. I am very pleased with the job. They were reliable and easy to deal with.

Colin Hancock


I was very please with the repair to my oak kitchen work surface. The wood had separated due to water damage. A repaired the damage and now the surface is back to normal. Thank You Very Much



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