Below is a description of the various services we provide.
We offer traditional forms of polishing for antiques and bespoke furniture projects. 

Applying shellac (French polish); oil or wax products, we produce an authentic finish to your required specification. For example, we can stain to a specific colour and finish with a matt, satin or high shine. We may advise a certain finish specification to suit the piece or project especially when the piece is an antique* however, if it is possible** you get what you require.

*Antiques should be restored to their original finish with the least amount of work to uphold the integrity and value of the piece. 

**It is not always possible to stain some woods beyond a threshold. 

French polishing is an art, not a science this is due to every single piece of wood being unique.

Modern finishes such as pre-catalyst and acid-cat lacquers finishes offer a wide range of uses. 

In hard wearing areas or areas requiring fire retardants, for example; 

  • Offices, public domain buildings, bars and higher traffic areas. 

  • Modern oil applications for kitchen worktops where scratch resistance is a requirement. 

We are specialists at floor sanding and polishing.

Floors can be taken back to bair wood and stained to suit customer requirement on flat floors or stairs.

This is a very popular service designed to be mobile. 

We come to your premises when there has been an unfortunate accident causing a chip, burn, ring or scrape.

We can repair the areas using our experience and skills locally saving you a costly re-polish. 

All wooden surfaces can be repaired including polyester based finishes.
This is a process suitable for antiques, doors, panelling or artefacts of furniture that do not require a full strip and re-polish. 

Many surfaces can be cleaned and brought back to lustre using a solution skilfully mixed and applied by us here at Artwood. This saves a great deal of expense and as already mentioned elsewhere on our site, it keeps the repair to a minimum; important, especially concerning antiques as the process does not de-value them!

If necessary the surfaces can then be polished to protect them. This keeps the original patina built up over years intact and keeps the character unchanged which maintains the integrity of the piece. 

Naturally the service is often part of a combined restoration process involving veneering and upholstery repair. Our objective is to keep as much of the piece as original as possible!

The process is also used as part of our repair process where appropriate for example, on heat rings and other blemishes.
We Provide a complet veneer service from scratch if this is required.
We also provide veneer repair where veneer has perished or lifted.
We love to restore antiques.  Including tables, chairs, bureaus, cabinets etc...,
We are experienced in fabricating, repairing, veneering, finishing and spraying of car wood trims.
Upholstery in-service
We are not upholsterers!

That said, we are proudly associated with some of most experienced upholsterers in the country.

So if a project requires polishing and upholstery you save money with our one-stop-shop service.
Cabinet Makers and Repair in-service
We are not Cabinet Makers!

Again, we are associated with some of very experienced cabinet makers and repairers.
So again we are a one-stop-shop if a project required structural repair and/or polishing.