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French Polishing Description

We are experts in the finishing of hardwood surfaces. Various products can be used to achieve a suitable finish.  We do this using French polish which is shellac based.  This requires a lot of skill to apply.  Similarly with Cellulose lacquer, this a specialist base we use as well as other water based lacquers.  

Welcome to French Polishers Edenbridge.


We provide Wood Finishing services all over Surrey, including Edenbridge.  

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What we do?

  • Bodying up with French polish.

  • Stiff-off finish

  • Spirit-off finish.

  • Application of lacquer.

  • Pulling off lacquer.

  • Apply water based lacquers and primers.

  • Filling, raising and repair of chips and scratches.

  • Japanning, (see above)

  • Gilt Gold repair.

  • Spray finishes.

  • Chemical Strip and neutralisation.

  • Sanding (We use sanders attached to a vacuum)

  • Application of oil based products.

  • Matching colours from new to old.

  • Waxing techniques.

  • Sand and seal.

  • Bleaching techniques to lighten wood or re ove stains.

What we work on?


  • Tables and chairs.

  • Bureaus and cabinets.

  • Kitchen cupboards.

  • Kitchen work-surfaces.

  • Bar-Tops

  • Rails, staircases and treads.

  • Flooring.

  • Doors, frames and windows

  • External and internal hard wood.

  • Garage Doors.

  • Pianos.

  • Classic vehicle Interiors.

Areas we work in?

  • We work from our workshops and on site.

  • Edenbridge, Surrey, East Grinstead, Godstone, Lingfield, Felcourt, Crockham Hill, Blindley Heath.

Other services Referral

  • Outsourced Upholstery, Outsourced Cabinetry. Outsourced Piano tuning.

Tel No: 01892 555555

Mobile: 07947 202999 / 07446 132819


Ebonising / Ebonizing

French Polishing Staircases and Rails


Johm Davidson

" Just to let everyone know this company provided a first class service without any delay and provided a free estimate for an insurance claim on my table which was beyond repair, highly recommended"

Simon Ward

"Repaired and refinished decorative post supporting porch roof. Excellent result. Very professional service."

Melanie Roper

"Absolutely delighted with Joe’s work. Thoroughly professional from start to finish and an amazing job on my water damaged oak table. Highly recommended.​"