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French Polishing Description

We are experts in the finishing of hardwood surfaces. Various products can be used to achieve a suitable finish.  We do this using French polish which is shellac based.  This requires a lot of skill to apply.  Similarly with Cellulose lacquer, this a specialist base we use as well as other water based lacquers.  

Welcome to French Polishers Edenbridge.


We provide Wood Finishing services all over Surrey, including Edenbridge.  

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What we do?

  • Bodying up with French polish.

  • Stiff-off finish

  • Spirit-off finish.

  • Application of lacquer.

  • Pulling off lacquer.

  • Apply water based lacquers and primers.

  • Filling, raising and repair of chips and scratches.

  • Japanning, (see above)

  • Gilt Gold repair.

  • Spray finishes.

  • Chemical Strip and neutralisation.

  • Sanding (We use sanders attached to a vacuum)

  • Application of oil based products.

  • Matching colours from new to old.

  • Waxing techniques.

  • Sand and seal.

  • Bleaching techniques to lighten wood or re ove stains.

What we work on?


  • Tables and chairs.

  • Bureaus and cabinets.

  • Kitchen cupboards.

  • Kitchen work-surfaces.

  • Bar-Tops

  • Rails, staircases and treads.

  • Flooring.

  • Doors, frames and windows

  • External and internal hard wood.

  • Garage Doors.

  • Pianos.

  • Classic vehicle Interiors.

Areas we work in?

  • We work from our workshops and on site.

  • Edenbridge, Surrey, East Grinstead, Godstone, Lingfield, Felcourt, Crockham Hill, Blindley Heath.

Other services Referral

  • Outsourced Upholstery, Outsourced Cabinetry. Outsourced Piano tuning.

Tel No: 01892 555555

Mobile: 07947 202999 / 07446 132819


French Polishing Tables, Chairs, Furniture etc.,

French Polishing Staircases and Rails