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French Polishing Description

  • To French Polish properly one needs many years of experience as it requires the application of shellac infused in a French Polishing Rubber.  This is applied to hardwood surfaces.  We also undertake modern techniques with the use of cellulose and water borne lacquers.

Welcome to French Polishers Meopham.


We provide Wood Finishing services all over Kent, including Meopham.  

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What we do?

  • French Polishing, traditional finish.

  • Lacquering, modern finish.

  • Finishes can be glossy, satin or matt.

  • Repairing and refinishing of chips and scratches.

  • Ebonized, ebonised surfaces.

  • Removal of stains and blemishes.

  • Bleaching and ageing.

  • Colouring matching.

  • Grain filling.

  • Staining and blending.

  • Waxing techniques.

  • Floor sand and seal, floor scratch repair.

  • Stripping.

  • Oiling and oil treatment.

  • Japanning using various colours and gold leafing.

  • Polyester repair.

  • Spray work and veneering.

What we work on?


  • Furniture, chairs, tables wardrobes, sideboards, dressers etc..,

  • Tables and chairs, dressers and sideboards etc..,

  • Floors both engineered and solid hard wood

  • Interior and external doors and frames as well as panelling, Windows.

  • Bar tops and panelling, kitchen work surfaces and kitchen cupboards.

  • Private and stately homes. Ships, aircraft, offices, embassies and businesses.

  • Piano re-finishing.

  • Polyester repair.

  • All hardwoods including Walnut, Mahogany, Roku, Cherry Maple etc..,

  • Panels, staircases, rails, posts, sticks, sills, treads, skirting and stringing.

  • Car wood and trim re-finishing, polishing and spraying.

Areas we work in?

  • We work from our workshops and on site.

  • Meopham, West Malling, Culverstone Green, Trottisscliffe, Paddock Wood.

  • Wrotham, East Malling, Cobham, Kent.

Other services Referral

  • Cabinetry. Piano tuning, upholstery.

Tel No: 01892 555555

Mobile: 07947 202999 / 07446 132819


French Polishing Tables, Chairs, Furniture etc.,

French Polishing Staircases and Rails


Artwood came to strip and re-polish an 8 foot table and some furniture.  Would we use them again?  Not arf!! *****

Alan Farman


Artwood Came to to my house to re-stain a table.  Very pleases with the reaults.

Sam Taylor


Fantastic advice & guidance from these guys, the glass feel and shine on my walnut table is I must say is exceptional. i'm so pleased with structural repair that simply can no longer be seen. An excellent job from Artwood Restoration.

Jean Asser


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