French Polishing Description

  • To French Polish properly one needs many years of experience as it requires the application of shellac infused in a French Polishing Rubber.  This is applied to hardwood surfaces.  We also undertake modern techniques with the use of cellulose and water borne lacquers.

What we do?

  • French Polishing, traditional finish.

  • Lacquering, modern finish.

  • Finishes can be glossy, satin or matt.

  • Repairing and refinishing of chips and scratches.

  • Ebonized, ebonised surfaces.

  • Removal of stains and blemishes.

  • Bleaching and ageing.

  • Colouring matching.

  • Grain filling.

  • Staining and blending.

  • Waxing techniques.

  • Floor sand and seal, floor scratch repair.

  • Stripping.

  • Oiling and oil treatment.

  • Japanning using various colours and gold leafing.

  • Polyester repair.

  • Spray work and veneering.

What we work on?


  • Furniture, chairs, tables wardrobes, sideboards, dressers etc..,

  • Tables and chairs, dressers and sideboadrs etc..,

  • Floors both engineered and solid hard wood

  • Interior and external doors and frames as well as panelling, Windows.

  • Bar tops and panelling, kitchen work surfaces and kitchen cupboards.

  • Private and stately homes. Ships, aircraft, offices, embassies and businesses.

  • Piano re-finishing.

  • Polyester repair.

  • All hardwoods including Walnut, Mahogany, Roku, Cherry Maple etc..,

  • Panels, staircases, rails, posts, sticks, seals, treads, skirting and stringing.

  • Car wood and trim re-finishing, polishing and spraying.

Areas we work in?

  • We work from our workshops and on site.

  • Meopham, West Malling, Culverstone Green, Trottisscliffe, Paddock Wood.

  • Wrotham, East Malling, Cobham, Kent.

Other services Referral

  • Cabinetry. Piano tuning, upholstery.

Welcome to French Polishers Meopham.


We provide Wood Finishing services all over Kent, including Meopham.  

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Tel No: 01892 555555

Mobile: 07947 202999 / 07446 132819


French Polishing Tables, Chairs, Furniture etc.,

French Polishing Staircases and Rails


Artwood came to strip and re-polish an 8 foot table and some furniture.  Would we use them again?  Not arf!! *****

Alan Farman


Artwood Came to to my house to re-stain a table.  Very pleases with the reaults.

Sam Taylor


Fantastic advice & guidance from these guys, the glass feel and shine on my walnut table is I must say is exceptional. i'm so pleased with structural repair that simply can no longer be seen. An excellent job from Artwood Restoration.

Jean Asser


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